10 Different Ways to Tie a Scarf
Inspired by the high-end affiliation of the silk scarves the Galante boutique has brought to their store, a constructed list of 10 different tips you can use to wear your scarf is brought to your fingertips. Encouraged by the luxury Hermes brand, customers may already know that with the exquisite purchase of every Hermes scarf an orange box is appointed to them as a gift. Inside the rectangle sits a full stack of playing cards. Playing cards? These are not just any stack of playing cards, but ones that have a different image on each one with the many ways one can chose to wear their shiny new accessory. A masterpiece of craftsmanship that can be worn an abundant of different styles. Today, we bring you a variety of ten different ways you too can chose to style your scarf of choice.

1.Hair tie
A very easy way to dress up an updo or show your playful side is simply by tying your scarf around it! This can be done with a ponytail or a bun, low or high. Whenever you turn your head it will give your look movement and volume.

2. Belt
Using a scarf as a belt is not only a chic but handy way to secure your pants, but extremely fashionable. Dress up your denim for a model off duty or street styled look. We are loving this accent, it is a truly a unique way to use one of your scarves.
3. Bag Accessory
Using a scarf to make a bag your own is a fun way to add a dimension to any sized purse and spice up a simple look. Tied neatly in a bow or in a candid knot you will never mistake your purse for someone else's! This tip can work well with neutral colored bags that have become boring to your wardrobe and need a new flare. You will find adding such an easy touch will make you feel like the proud owner of a new piece!
4. Neck
For a classic approach, the elegant neck scarf. There are many ways to tie and style this look. First, you can chose a daintier sized fabric that fits snug around your neck for an innocent look. Second, try knotting a longer scarf to lengthen your outfit and make it your own.
5. Framed
This may come to a surprise to some, but those collector luxury silk scarves that are accumulating dust in your closet would make for a great home decor piece. Frame these scarves and hang them wherever you please to add a sense of variety to any room. Foolproof for vintage items that you want to keep pure and culminating.
6. As a shirt
Did you know a scarf can double as a shirt too? Finding the right scarf as well as the right technique of tying it to fit your body will help pull off this look flawlessly. This chic tip will keep you feeling on trend and confident! There are multiple ways to achieve this for example tied as a bandeau or halter top!
7. Shawl
Deemed as the easiest and coziest styled scarf, naturally throw the large fabric over your shoulders and let the technique speak for itself. This look is perfect when lounging around the home during the winter or for baring the outdoors in the colder weathered seasons. 
8. Head Scarf
Feeling incognito or like an undercover celebrity? Ingeniously wrap the scarf around your head and put on your largest shades for an elegantly mysterious look. This styled aspect can be a savior on a bad hair day or days with poor and dreary weather.
9. Strap to a purse
In hopes to get that designer look, embellish the strap to your purse with a scarf precisely wrapped around it. With the purchase of a cheaper seasonal bag you can give it a luxury appeal with this easy step in fashion.
10. Around your wrist
Sometimes with jewelry hardware discomfort can be caused. To avoid this but still being able to dress up your look, tie the soft scarf directly around your wrist for a unique demeanor. Later in the day you can remove the scarf from your wrist and tie it in your hair as well!



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