10 Trends to Keep in 2019

Not all fashion trends have an expiration date. In fact, the best trends are those that surprise us by sticking in our closet for more than one or two seasons.

For those who liked wearing the infamous “dad” sneaker and the practical belt bag, we have some good news for you: these along with 10 other trends that were big in 2018 will continue to be relevant in 2019.

If you haven't had a chance to get your hands on these trends, now is the time! Retailers and runways alike are selling their own versions of the below 10 trends:


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As the fall collections were presented earlier this year, it was impossible not to notice the Wild West was a major theme. As a result, Fringes were all over the runways, and already started to infiltrate the street style scene. Western dressing has been floating in the ether for about a year now. Cowboy style is a bit of an intimidating look, but it doesn’t have to be! Fringes are not only seen in the western movie anymore but also in the catwalks and street style. If you want to be fashion like a girl from Tennessee, fringe are perfect!


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Anyone following the spring 2019 runways during New York Fashion weeks could easily spot what that thing is for next season: the color yellow. The fashion industry loves a nostalgic turn, and right now it’s clear that the ’90s are at the front of designers’ minds. Floss sandals are popping up everywhere and have really stood out recently. We have dreamed up with the shoes and we are so happy they will last newt season  and we are just not ready to give up this happy and colourful shade!


source: Xenia Adonts' Instagram

Attention, Upper East Siders: Headbands are back! If you're not a fan of "Gossip Girl," that reference was probably lost on you, but that doesn't mean you're unfamiliar with the CW series' impact on fashion, and one hair accessory in particular. The return of the iconic Blair Waldorf’s style is coming right up !


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With the movement towards animals prints for fall like leopard zebra, and crocodile print, snakeskin is a natural evolution and this trend is so versatile. Whether you want to be animal friendly and opt for a pair of sneakers or a bag in luxe skin, there's a snakeskin something for everyone.And the snakeskin is the slithery pattern that has emerged as a must-have over the past few months. There's no better time to show off your wild side. And consider mock-croc to be the most luxurious material of the moment. This is the seasons’ biggest accessory trend that will stick around.


source: Vanessa Evelynh's Instagram

After months of wearing boots to keep your feet warm from chilly wind, spring is finally around the corner. For spring 2019, dad sneaker trend is still going very strong. The chunky sneakers have been the most popular shoes in 2018 and there is no sign of slowing down. Sure, they’re unique and give off ’90s nostalgia vibes but it has always seemed a bit intimidating for you? You should try it, they have so many different color and shape: cool and comfy, the sneakers have win everyone’s closet and it’s not going anywhere in 2019!


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The latest trend? Just think Tour de France and you'll have your answer. Bike shorts are the new fashion trend that models and influencers are wearing for the sporting and comfy character on both the catwalks and street. The athletic shorts appeared on a number of spring runways and continue to be a street style favourite, which will only solidify them as a key spring 2019 trend.


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Just like bike shorts, after a few seasons, the style has stuck around, proving his power and will last next spring and summer. You'll have your hands free this summer again, handy for trendy hikes or challenging shoppings. Don’t worry if, now you will have enough hands to hold your shopping bags!


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Turns out '80s fashion trends, like puffy sleeves, ruffles, and shoulder pads, are more fashionable that you thought. The decade of wild fashion and dance music still has a stronghold in our culture and in our hearts. Certain trends are making their way back into pop culture: chunky sneakers, tiny sunglasses, and bike shorts are revisited by designers like Versace, Alexander Wang, and Marc Jacobs! Indeed, the '80s re emerged this year and maximalist styles will continue to reign for seasons to come.


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The inner child in me can’t contain their excitement for the comeback of these accessories. Although the adult-me won’t be grabbing for the typical girly barrettes, it will be looking for the rhinestone and pearl versions I’ve seen from Chanel or influencer Kerrie Mitchell Burke. Barrettes add a pop of fun and sophistication to your outfits and prove that accessorizing doesn't have to be limited to just jewelry and handbags.



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