5 Trendy Halloween Costumes
With Halloween weekend upon us it’s time to start brainstorming costume attire! This year we’re getting creative and using items that we already own, specifically this year’s fall trend pieces. Have no fear, if you need a refresher click here to read about our 10 favorite fall trends. Go ahead ghouls, open that closet and get ready to look spooktacular!

70s Inspired Disco Lady

A classic costume and always one of our favorites to see. For this costume, pull out your widest pair of bell bottoms and pair with anything from a tie-dye tee to a suede fringe jacket. You can also disco wearing just about any jumpsuit. Whether you choose bell bottoms or a funky jumpsuit, finish off the costume with circle shades, a flower headband, and if you’re true disco lady, rollerblades! Peace and Love, friends!  

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The magical and mystical unicorn has been all the rage this year. Unicorns have been printed on graphic tees, had cocktails named after, and are now making their way into Halloween. Not only will you look enchanting, but you’ll also feel comfier than ever as we’re suggesting the silky PJ trend for this costume. Grab your silkiest pajamas (preferably white, ivory, pink, or gray) and pair with a unicorn horn headband. For your hair, our favorite looks have included a sleek ponytail or pigtail buns. And most importantly, don't forget to dust yourself with magical unicorn glitter!
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Cheetah girl, cheetah sister! Thank goodness for the animal print trend this year. For this costume, we suggest wearing your favorite cheetah or leopard prints. To create our favorite cheetah costume, grab your cheetah print fur jacket and wear over black leather leggings and a black tee. The best thing about this costume is you can easily incorporate anything cheetah print or black and you have a costume! Finish it off with cheetah ears and cheetah spots face paint!
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Cher From Clueless

“I’m not prude, I’m just highly selective.” Same for us, Cher, which is why we handpicked this iconic costume for you! If you’re a fashion lover, or just a Clueless lover (or both, like me) then this is the perfect costume for you! For our Cher look we’re incorporating the wool beret fall trend. Cher has two beret looks in the movie. For the first look, you can incorporate a black wool beret with a crispy white button up and a pinstripe blazer. For the second look pair the black beret with a red and black plaid jumper over a white button up and finish with a matching red and black plaid coat. Knee high socks are encouraged!
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Superhero Star

We’ve been seeing stars all Fall and this Halloween, baby you’re a star! Star prints and white booties have been everywhere this season, which makes for the perfect DIY Wonder Woman or Captain America costume. For Wonder Woman, pair a red bodysuit with a star printed skirt and pair with ankle or knee high white booties. For Captain America, pair a star studded tee with red leather or gold leggings! If you’re feeling daring wear a star printed bodysuit with red or gold tights. For a more subtle look pair a star studded tee with star printed jeans! And don’t forget, the best superheros always rock a red lip and sparkly eye!
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Thanks for reading, boo! If you've got it, haunt it! 



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