A Week of 7 Iconic Fashion Films

Some of the films in this list will give you a whole other perspective on not only fashion but a desire of success, inspiration to explore your relationship with clothing, a connection to the characters and an experience with the artistic demand needed in this industry. I assure you there is something to gain from each one of these passionate stories whether its a series of laughter or a yearning for revenge. There is no particular order, sit back, relax and enjoy a week of seven recognizable films we hand picked for you.

  • 1) The Devil Wears Prada
  • The lovely Anne Hathaway and elegant Meryl Streep star in this 2006 fashion forward film. The setting takes place in New York where the disheveled yet highly intelligent Andy (Anne Hathaway) lands an assistant job at a prestigious Runway magazine with Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) as her boss. The movie goes through a series of events of Andy finding her sense of fashion, work ethic and most importantly herself. Full of the satirical fashion world with a whitty twist The Devil Wears Prada is common film favorite.

  • 2)The First Monday in May
  • A stray away from a classic film, this 2016 documentary shares the knowledge of western fashion inspired by the Chinese and glorifies it through an exhibit in the well known Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The title being The First Monday in May as some may know as one of the most important nights in fashion. An exclusive invitation to the luxurious Met Gala is an honor in itself represents that you have made it to the upper echelon of film, art, music and most importantly fashion. Preparing the theme, the guest lists, the designers and the atmosphere must all be elaborated for the glorious first monday in May.

    3) Monsieur Hubert de Givenchy

    Hubert de Givenchy stars in his very own telling of his chosen path becoming historically one of the most distinguished French Fashion Designers. Beginning with his passion blossoming at a young age, good behavior rewarded him in fabrics tells Givenchy! His fascination lead him to a discovery of contemporary fashion. This tell all film is a must see for notably passionate well beings in French fashion antiquity.


  • 4) Funny Face
  • The stunning Audrey Hepburn makes her appearance in the 1927 musical Funny Face. Making its script all the way to Broadway this classic perennial takes place in old time Paris as cheerful and graceful hearted film. Taking its relation to fashion, Jo (Audrey Hepburn) has potential seen in her by a fashion photographer who convinces her to come to France with him. Turning into a vintage love story in none the less but the city of love. The iconic parisian scenery makes for a bubbly yet fashion forward musical.


  • 5) CoCo Before Chanel
  • This Biography clouds the doubts of aspiring fashionistas across the nation. Coco, a seamstress by day and cabernet entertainer by night, finds light in a lover as she becomes his fashion consultant. Actress Audrey Tautou pushes all odds as she packs her things to take a chance in a man that may turn her and her aspirations away. Testing the accustomed French fashion at the time, hats with no feathers and dresses without corsets, before she was Chanel she was Coco. Able to create an impeccable and elegant line in women Parisian fashion. Grab your glass of wine and be ready to be inspired for we all could learn something from this film.


  • 6) Saint Laurent
  • Fashion icon squashes competition with his vibrant and unforgettable personality. Taking a deeper look into the hectic and addicting fashion industry, Saint Laurent moves to France to claim his own legacy. The reputable esteemed trendsetter will have you captivated by his batty success. From creating tuxedos for women to wedged shoes and frequently pairing his creations with statement makeup, Yves unforgettable work will truly go down in French fashion history.

    7) Mademoiselle C

    Did you know the name behind the cover? Vogue, the most recognizable fashion magazine in the world has exemplified itself from the fantasy of the one and only, Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld. Her visions to create a story through her parisian style, attributes and photography has brought her a career that is unimaginable. The now former editor has certainly left her mark and her departure has left her with countless relationships and a luxurious lifestyle.

    Bonus* Priceless

    Not completely related to fashion this entertaining classic French film shows the tips and tricks it takes to endure on when trying to land a beautiful women in the French Riviera...Where nothing comes cheap!



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