7 Sustainable Fashion Bloggers
We wanted to focus on a topic that is closely related to the Made en France branding and ethics. The reason we choose to carry only products that are sourced, designed and manufactured in France is because of the French know-how and way of producing goods sustainably. Rather than supporting fast fashion and brands whom do not care for their employees, we wanted to represent something bigger.
We see and envy many bloggers and their sense of styles but most of the time they are falling into "fast fashion" marketing to keep up with the trends. As the iconic Yves Saint Laurent once said "fashion fade but style is eternal". Through our search we came across many influential bloggers that have accomplished a way to keep up with the trends in their own ethical and sustainable way. 
The pronounced editor in chief of the site EcoCult, Alden Wicker, has created more than just a blog, but a platform to share diverse angles of inspiration that she finds relating sustainability. This helps her following make more conscious decisions when it comes to all things fashion and travel. Frequently Alden speaks at conferences with the President of Ethical Writers & Creatives, who help raise awareness about improvements that can be made around the world using the professionalism of influencers. She self manages and inspires while traveling the world alongside her husband. Aldens latest post is by the author Faye Lessler. She is a New York City-based coordinator that obtains a passion for community and sustainability. Faye shares with us the exciting independent brands that are starting pop-up shops around the big apple that merchandise only ethical brands and products.
Johannes authentic mission with her self assured blog, Bedre Mode, is to help others build their own wardrobe relating to sustainability. She expresses ways to use wiser materials and how to shop responsibly. Johanne is very knowledgeable and started her website in hopes to help her girlfriends and those in her community find more ethical clothing. Since then, her site has grown substantially. Her most recent post on her “Shopping Guide” shares sites that can help you shop your “Best Basics”. She suggests using only organic cottons for even your most basic white t-shirt, as well as using recycled stockings for even a sexy pair of tights.
The Fashionhedge was created solely as an ethical fashion blog, although Yarina passionately claims that she is not a labeled fashion blogger! Aka an advocate that is not in search of becoming famous, accepting promotions or payment. Yarina just wants to share with the world her knowledge in the industry in a humble manner. In her about me she notes that she loves cheese, horror films and all things vintage. Working in eCommerce and online marketing as her main stimulation in life, she choses to stick to a black and white color palette and focuses on high-quality/timeless pieces for her wardrobe. Fashionhedge is a useful source to use when looking for ethical fashion stores and products to make decisions that impact the world in a conscious way. Furthering her content she touches on all things dealing with women's media, pop culture and healthy living. If you are searching for a good place to start when wanting to learn more about this movement Yarina breaks it down into three categories; ethical fashion, sustainable fashion and slow fashion and how they should all overlap each other, like in a Venn diagram. In a way she puts light on the fact that clothing can be closely related to food, basing off of quality, production, buying local, fair working conditions, non-toxic and elimination of waste.
Mother and wife Andrea Hartman relates to her followers on a personal level, sharing her daily lifestyle and wardrobe inspires her readers to take after her ethical ways. Seasons + Salt proves over and over that style and sustainability can go hand and hand with each other, and it is time to ditch the fast fashion. As people it is our responsibility to make choices that are good for the human race as well as the environment. Stationed in Oregon, Andrea creates a comfortable space for readers to explore ethical clothing brands for contrary seasons, some featured with discount codes. One of her latest posts is a review on the Everlane’s Form Bag, that is fully made of leather in Italy. It is nice to have an unpretentious voice when exploring new slow fashions brands and products.
A young Australian entrepreneur, Leah, was set out to find something deeper than her small clothing business named, The Happy Cabin. She sought out different opportunities in psychology and nutrition but still could not find exactly the inspiration she was looking for. After discovering volunteer trips she new she was on the right track to learn more about the Social Enterprise in disadvantage and grass root countries. All the beliefs that Leah lived by previously were shattered and she found exactly what she was looking for. The Un-Material Girl has created a platform for her to share her status and partner with ethically sourced companies. Her latest blog post touches on something that may be unusual for some but why not give it a try, sewing your own clothes from the comfort of your own home. She models her remarkable long tunic that she crafted on her own after having no knowledge on how to stitch or hem. Using a timeless and ethical linen fabric that she sought out from a local shop, Leah creates a light that a more ethical lifestyle is out there for everyone!
The host of the Conscious Chatter, Kestrel, believes that fashion and ethics can go hand and hand with each other. The conscious fashionista has raised many questions amongst herself and others about where clothes are made and who makes them. In order to detach from the fast fashion worlds and live in a place where she could still express her style while not having to sacrifice her values, she then created the inclusive audio space of the Conscious Chatter. Here, conversations and stories are told to impact the connection to what we are wearing and learn more about the clothing industry in general. With many informative audio sessions she is hoping to be apart of a bigger space that only resonates positive change. We found episode 56 interesting, it opened a new opportunity us as consumers can do to reduce waste. The topic touches on the Online Fashion Rental Market that is growing. This audio platform is perfect for those who have trouble finding time to read, give her a listen!
The sweet Wendy welcomes the world to Moral Fibres, her green lifestyle blog sourced from the UK. For those seeking a larger audience of sustainability, one that does not just relate to fashion, this is the foolproof blog for you. Touching on all aspects from food, family, home and travel, there is truly something for everyone to learn from this manifesto. Again, like many have made apparent, living greener does not in any means have to compromise your sense of style whatsoever. Wendy’s latest post is getting us prepared for the autumn season, she shares an affordable top that is crafted from a hemp material!  



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