8 Best Designer Valentine Gifts for Her

There is no better feeling than being in love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we here at Made en France have been thinking of the perfect gifts to give our loved ones on that special day. Does your sweetheart likes France and Paris? Unique, high-end designs? If so, thanks to the large array of talented French and Parisian designers that we work with, we have found the perfect options to iconic designer gifts! These 8 pieces are classic, never go out of style, and will last an eternity, just like your love! At Made en France we believe in high-quality products that are handcrafted at the designer’s ateliers and go directly to you, making these gift options affordable and tailor made. Shop our curated list below!

  1. A Gold Heart Necklace

Made famous by Cartier, this exquisite piece of jewelry is a must-have item to symbolize your love! Handmade in the Parisian atelier of French designer Stella Mai, our Valentine Necklace is embellished with a gold hammered heart symbol and accompanied with a freshwater pearl. The Valentine necklace is 14K Gold filled and has an adjustable chain. Matching bracelet available.

  1. A pair of Luxury Gloves

Just like the below Louis Vuitton mink gloves, our André Poujade gloves are finished in the highest quality lambskin leather and rabbit fur coming from the same factory as the Vuitton ones! André Poujade is a longstanding family-owned business, making the gift to your Valentine personal and thoughtful. Our gloves will not only warm up your significant other’s heart but also their hands this winter! Browse our vast selection to find your perfect match!

  1. An elegant silk scarf

An Hermès scarf represents luxury and sophistication. Divine Trouvaille, Made En France designer, replicate that same level of chic with their scarves by using the same silk found in the Hermès factories! The possibilities for these scarves are endless! Make sure you read our guide about 10 different ways to tie a scarf so you can impress your sweetheart when offering the precious gift.

  1. A stylish gold cuff

A beautiful gold cuff will add some style to any outfit. We especially love the timeless minimalism design of this Celine cuff. Luckily, we have one at Made En France just like it! Made in a Parisian atelier by designer OhLaLa, our cuff is finished in 24K Gold Plating. Your Valentine will have a constant reminder of your love with this on her wrist!

  1. An evening clutch (with gold Wristlet)

Every woman likes to get dressed up for a night out with their beau. A chic evening clutch is the perfect accessory to add that extra sophistication to their outfit! Christian Dior’s iconic purse embellished with a gold bracelet reminds us of our stunning Lucienne Paris clutch’s whose signature 18K Rose Gold Plated wristlet doubles as a bracelet. This gift will accompany your Valentine on all of your next date nights.

  1. A pair of earrings

Minimalism is a timeless French trend. Hermès does the minimalist trend justice with their loop hoop earrings. Our designer Oh La La also embodies this trend with her near identical version! Our earrings showcase French style and luxury in an affordable matter, making them the perfect gift to give on Valentine’s day.

  1. A pair of glitter shoes

Get your Valentine a product that is as sparkly as your love! These glitter Yves Saint Laurent boots are just one of many French designers who are featuring the glitter trend in their collections. Our boots by talented French designer Eponyme, are among the other great French designers shoes! These boots will add shine to your loved one’s outfit.

  1. A card holder

When going out with a smaller bag, your loved one needs also a smaller wallet. Givenchy card holders are made with the exact same fine leather as the ones from new french designer Pofineur. They are both timeless and luxurious but with very different prices.



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