5 Best Fall Bars in Paris
With outdoor activity season coming to a close, it’s time to keep warm and belly up to some of our favorite Parisian bars. And honestly, what’s better than ending a day with grabbing drinks in the city of lights? (The answer would be nothing). From eclectic to chic, we included a wide range of tastes. Make sure to mix up your favorite cocktail and read on to learn about some of our favorite drinking spots in Paris!

Le Comptoir General

Image Source: hipparis.com

The Le Comptoir General was a must for our list of lovely libation spots. Located on Canal Saint-Martin, this bar is known for their element of culture, specifically African, Caribbean and African-American culture. From music and fashion to film and dance, you’ll get a taste of their authentic culture. Customers rave about the live music from a variety of bands and you can’t go wrong with any cocktail served. Prendre plaisir !

Fashion display in Le Comptoir General. 
Image Source:  hipparis.com

Paname Brewing Company

Image Source: allaboutbeer.com

With Charleston bars being packed with local beers, we made sure to find the best brewery to add to the list as it hits close to home. The Paname Brewing Company is located on the Quai de la Loire, which is known as a popular and eclectic spot to bar hop. From pale ales, lagers and black IPA, all the beer is made on-site using eco-friendly practices. And even better, the brewery comes equipped with a rooftop terrace, beautiful throughout all seasons!

Lulu White Drinking Club

Image Source: parisianist.com

We immediately had to add this spot to our list because it’s a club we most definitely want to join. With live music on Tuesday nights and DJs for the weekend, it’s the perfect place to chat with a friend over a cocktail or the last stop on a Girls Night Out! Located across from the Le Pigalle hotel, this bar specializes in creative cocktails. If you’re tired of your go-to vodka soda mix, this is the place to be!
Image Source: luluwhite.bar

L’Extra Brut

Image Source: baru-design.com

Nothing but champagne problems here. With bubbles being your only choice on the menu, get ready to feel like Audrey Hepburn in “Paris When it Sizzles.” If you don’t know much about champagne, the owner happily makes recommendations based on your tastes and preferences. And what pairs perfectly with a bubbly glass of champs? That's right, cheese plates and charcuterie are just an order away.

Terrass Bar

Image Source: Trip Advisor 

Last but not least, the Terrass Bar. The bar with the best view on our list in my humble opinion. Located in the historic Terrass Hotel, you’ll find a 180-degree view of Paris. Their menu includes 16 signature cocktails and locals rave about the view of the Eiffel Tower at night. With the bar being in the romantic Montmartre district, grab your man, order the Moulin Rouge cocktail, and enjoy the sparkling and iconic Eiffel Tower.
If you didn't see your favorite Parisian bar, make sure to comment and tell us all about it! 



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