10 Best Photo Spots in Paris

We live in a day in age of taking photos, capturing moments and sharing our lives with others. If we chose to partake in this phenomenon why not look our best while doing so and stop wasting time trying to find the best angles and places. When you are traveling to France or abroad there are many opportunities to flaunt your chic fashion favorites and take a picture with the amazing architecture and cultural details. Let this article influence your Parisian sightseeing. Pick your favorite filter and channel your inner blogger motives for a camera roll full of memories.

  • 1) Trocadéro
  • Due to the authenticity we must begin with the one the only... Eiffel Tower. Being one of the many wonders of the world, the highly visited Eiffel Tower will give you the signature “I went to Paris and fell in love with the city” photo. With the relative massive size there comes to be plenty of different angles and revelations to be captured. From a picnic on the lawn, a posed street angle or a influenced candid the iconic tower will be the perfect backdrop. Let the picture speak for itself with a solid colored T-shirt, a seemed to be high end bag and a comfortable heel.


    2) Montmartre

    A hidden (photo shoot) treasure! Some may recognize this gem from the famous French film, Amélie Poulain. The comedy that was created to depict the in genuine charm of Paris with many modern styled locations. The Montmartre is a historic district of Paris, with cobblestone streets and hills. If you have the stamina there is a set of stairs that leads to the Sacré Coeur which will give you an exquisite view of the city. None the less, we have found much inspiration from the delicate restaurant, La Maison Rose. The now famous delicacy is placed on the corner, embellished with eye catching greenery and vines to make the rose pink colored building standout. For the girly girls we suggest a flowy chiffon skirt or a peplum dress for this next spot along with comfortable yet stylish walking shoes.


    3) Le Louvre   

    Before losing yourself in the worlds largest art museum in the world be sure to capture the glass pyramid located in the main courtyard. The modern Chinese architecture will have you snapping away with or without you in the image. For your credible picture we have a matching pastel linen blazer and pant, paired with an easy to use nude shoulder purse. A sophisticated look to visit some of the most historic and influential exhibits that are not just the Mona Lisa.


    4) Notre-Dame Cathedral

    The Hunchback of Notre-Dame is a French romantic yet dreary and gothic novel all in one by Victor Hugo. The original French title refers to Notre Dame Cathedral, on which the story is centered. Although we may think of the twisted French tail,  the Notre Dame Cathedral has come as a beautiful gathering place for locals and tourists. A wonderful afternoon can be spent admiring the historic architecture while feeding the birds and indulging on a sweet treat. Take the incentive to wear a lightweight outfit, we propose a high waisted bottom that accentuates your waist and a straw purse that is perfect for warm weather days.



    5) Saint-Germain des Prés

    Located in one of the four administrative quarters of the 6th arrondissement of Paris, Saint-Germain des Prés makes the Parisian culture come alive. With famous cafes and accurate French balconies the streets in itself are a wonderful picture opportunity. Start your day with a legitimate French brunch at the well known Cafe de Flore. While exiting don't forget to capture an image of your outfit. A full day of exploring Paris awaits you, we have chosen a well fitted pair of jeans, a striped shirt and white leather sneakers. Dress your look up with a statement lip color and luxury purse.


    6)Terrace or Balcony

    Most places you may stay in Paris will come with spectacular balcony that one only dreams of opening the double doors too. A legitimate back drop to pose in a robe or wear the buret you’ve purchased just for your awaited trip to Paris. We spend so much time capturing moments while out touring it is nice to look back and remember where you stayed. Grab a croissant as a prop and capture the accomplished French morning.



    7) Covered Passages of Paris

    Some days, it rains in Paris, and when it rains in Paris the temperature becomes chilled. A different way to spend your time may be in some of the glass covered passageways. Here, there will be shops, places to eat and inviting architecture. For our outfit recommendations we can start with a staple trench coat, a well made light camel trench coat will never go out of style and can be worn many different ways. To avoid the rain ruining your hair a top bun will do just fine paired with a wide leg propound denim. Pose under the charming Passage Verdeau or a nearby metro sign for your perfect portrait.


    8) Alexandre III Bridge

    There are many bridges that stretch over the historic Seine in Paris but one with detailing that makes a substantial photo memory is the Alexandre III Bridge. The extravagant architecture, gold structures and faultless views will have you mesmerized by the cities beauty. An incentive for a jumpsuit paired with a chic pair of loafers will help you pose for the ideal panorama.


    9) Pont de Bir-Hakeim

    Popular amongst adequate photographers the Pont de Bir-Hakeim will give you many photo opportunities. We suggest to go under the famous bridge for a modest depth defect from the lined pillars that withhold the structure. After you snap your shot you can take in the magnificent scenery of the Seine River and best views of the Eiffel Tower. We have chosen a statement black and white striped piece paired with a bold red heel. The foolproof outfit to transition into a wine and cheese filled dinner.



    10) Arc de Triomphe

    The triumphant Arc de Triomphe is a substantial monument one may visit during their devoted trip to Paris. Right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city like many you can pose in front of the significant arch for the incentive Parisian backdrop. With motives of nice weather our muse for the last outfit is a gingham and or checkered print dress with a pair of your most comfortable suede walking boots.




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