7 Fashion Books For Spring Break

A cool ocean breeze, the sound of the waves crashing on the sand, and rocking the latest swimsuit you had to have for your Spring Break vacation, what’s missing? A good book! With Instagram and Twitter it seems almost archaic to think of a text longer than 180 characters however here at Made En France we want to reignite your inner bookworm by letting you in on some of our favorite fashion books.

We’ve selected 7 books that we believe anyone from the emerging college graduate to the stylish mom, can connect with. From inspirational biographies to a hard copy of a digital influencer’s life, these titles will be the new accessory your most obsessed with this vacation. Happy reading fashionista’s!

1. The Woman I Wanted To Be: Diane Von Furstenberg 

  • Good For: An inspirational tale.
  • Designer, philanthropist, and mother, DVF is one of the most inspirational women of our time and tells personal stories ranging from the creation of the infamous wrap dress to her strong passion to be “the kind of woman who is independent and doesn’t rely on a man to pay her bills”.

Source: T. Whitestone, DVF Archives 

 2. The Beautiful Fall: Alicia Drake 

  • Good For: A mouth dropping gossip fix. 
  • Drake tells the story of fashion in Paris in the 1970’s...could there be a better book for us at Made En France!? Her extremely detailed account involves the cutthroat rivalry between 2 of fashion’s greats - Karl Lagerfeld vs. Yves Saint Laurent.

Source: Lostinfrance75.wordpress.com

 3. World Of Style: Aimee Song

  • Good For: The aspiring influencer. 
  • The veteran blogger behind Song of Style, Aimee Song, gives followers a hard copy and inside look of her Instagram posts during her travels to her favorite places around the world.

Source: Liketoknowit.com

4. D.V.: Diana Vreeland 

  • Good For: Fashion magazine lovers. 
  • Diana Vreeland, the iconic editor of Harper's Bazaar and editor in chief of Vogue, gives a personal look at her adventures in the fashion industry over the past 50 years.

 Source: Horst P: Horst.

5. Iris Apfel Accidental Icon: Iris Apfel

  • Good For: An adult picture book. 
  • Iris Apfel is an iconic force in fashion and is most known for her circle glasses and unapologetic style. However, Apfel has tons of witty stories and illustrations to tell and show in this book about her time at the Met’s Costume Institution and much more.

Source: John Huba/Art Commerce/Raven & Show

6. Love, Style, Life: Garance Doré

  • Good For: Channeling your inner French girl.
  • With a little bias, but a lot of admiration, Made En France loves this book about the famous French blogger behind Atelier Doré. Doré uses her stylish illustrations in this book to give career and style advice from her special times in Paris and New York.

Source: Glamour.com

7. Girl Boss: Sophia Amoruso 

  • Good For: Online shopping enthusiasts. 
  • Founder of cult favorite fashion site, Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso shares her difficult journey before the days of the ecommerce site. Join Amoruso as she tells about her dropping out of school, hitchhiking, and much more. If after you read you can’t get enough, make sure to check out the Netflix series, Girl Boss, to dive deeper into the life of Amoruso.

Source: Cindy-Ord-Getty Images



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