Dressing Like a Parisian

Every place in the world has their own style and as a french woman, the parisian style is what characterizes me the most. Before being an adjective, “Parisian” comes from the noun Paris, a capital known for its French elegance and a real art of living. But what are the secrets of the Parisian woman’s style?

First, the Parisienne gives the impression that she hasn’t made any effort, she is always natural, and her looks are chic-casual. She elegantly mixes a sophisticated piece with a street piece, and achieves a style that is both, masculine and feminine.

The romantic Parisian style is not limited to French women, it has been extended around the world and is a timeless inspiration that is characterized by a way of thinking or behavior it’s a feeling and the perfect way to learn how to combine the pieces is right before you!

Here are some tips to channel your inner Parisian self.


Constance Arnoult

(image source: instagram Constance Arnoult)


Nobody knows Parisian style better than Coco Chanel, and one of her most coveted rules is: "Before leaving home, look in the mirror and remove an accessory". The key to your outfit is the accessory. If you are wearing plain clothes, enhance your look with a beautiful bag, scarf or unique shoes. Jewelry and watches are also essential. Parisiennes love necklaces and fine bracelets on the wrists. As for shoes, we prefer to look to combine practicality with style. Boots, ballerinas, and white sneakers are our favorite. Be careful never to go too overboard with accessorizing, the best accessory of the Parisian style is simplicity!

Luxury / Quality

Gabrielle Caunesil

(image source: instagram Gabrielle Caunesil)


To achieve Parisian style you need to know how to combine clothes with style, and look past just a brand. The Parisian invests in beautiful, timeless luxury pieces. Focus on quality over quantity - materials like cotton, wool and cashmere. Parisiennes view their pieces as investments. Beautiful basics make all the difference. Also, try to stick to neutral colors such as black, white, navy, grey and then discreetly bring in a few touches of color with accessories

The “LBD”

June Sixty Five

(image source: instagram June sixty five)


"Invented" by Coco Chanel in 1926, she gave the Little Black Dress its nobility and its character of a classic must. A true classic, it is a piece you can wear day to night. Finished the puzzle in front of her dressing room: the black dress can be enough to make an outfit. To look sophisticated in a youthful way, you can wear a mini dress and add a belt and some shimmering detail, her look is anything but basic. To keep it sleek, she paired the dress with bib boots which give an overall look timeless appeal!

The Trench Coat

Leia Sfez

(image source: instagram Leia Sfez)


A classic trench coat is one wardrobe essential that’ll never go out of style. In similar Parisian style, investing in a high end trench will last you a lifetime. Whatever your style is, there is a trench is for you - ranging from the classic beige color, to a printed one. The silhouette is elegant in itself with its relaxed and elegant allure The beige trench is a true basic and will make sure that even your outerwear is Parisian as well.

The Striped “Marinière” Top

The Babooshka

(image source: Instagram The Babooshka)


There is nothing more French than the pretty stripes from Britany to create a Parisian look. Originally, clothing reserved for sailors, Coco Chanel democratized it in the early 1900s for our most coveted piece. It is now considered a must have in the dressings of French fashionistas and as Coco used to say, "Fashion goes but the style remains”. So, if you do not have your "marinière yet and you want to look like a real Parisian, go and buy yours now!

Well Tailored Jeans 

Constance Arnoult

(image source: instagram Constance Arnoult)


You could never have too many jeans. Ideally, one would have several denim styles: dark wash, light wash, white, and black! The cuts however is what makes these denims a style essential. Make sure you invest in denim that perfectly fits your body and any occasion that might arise. For example, a pair of black skinny jeans that can take you from the office to drinks with friends, to a pair of white denim that can be worn during summer events!

 The “Beret”

Constance Arnoult

(image source: instagram Constance Arnoult)


Originally used as a symbol of French satire, Chanel reinvented the classic beret as a chic piece of headwear following the cruise 2018 show in Paris. Wondering how to wear it?

The beret is self sufficient! Avoid wearing it with a crafted hairstyle or distracting statement earrings. Keep the rest of the outfit simple! As a french woman, I wear my beret with classic blue jeans, a royal blue sweater and a pair of white sneakers for Spring or with a long grey coat during Winter. The most important thing is to choose your color, mine is electric blue!

Clothes are important, but the key is your personality and above all ... the simplicity.

« La mode domine les provinciales, mais les Parisiennes dominent la mode. »

Jean-Jacques Rousseau



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