7 Fall Accessories
Having the ability to constantly work with new French designers has made for an array of new fashion favorites you can shop directly on Made en France for the upcoming seasons. What makes an outfit your own is how you choose to accessories it! For this fall in particular we wanted to share pieces that are current and also timeless to wear throughout the years.

Statement jewelry has been around for as long as accessorizing has been. To spunk up this style of jewelry we have chosen earrings that are vibrant in color and will laminate your look as well as personality all at once! Any modest or casual outfit can make a complete turn around just by throwing a pair of these playful earrings on! We have an abundance of different colors and designs that will exceed your expectations of an ideal statement piece.

Some trends truly never go out of style, every fall season we find these chic wool felt hats making there way back into the fashion world. Perfect for everyday wear, especially paired with a sublime sweater or turtle neck of choice. We are working with a designer in particular whom only produces the highest of quality when it comes to these Capeline's. With handmade metal parts as accents this is a timeless accessory that you will keep for many years. Investing in a piece like this in the long run is not only promoting slow and sustainable fashion but preventing the habit of repeatedly making the same purchase multiple times to follow the trends.

For our most devoted and mature women who choose to keep warm by wrapping themselves in an elegant wool scarf, is this unique design. This handmade piece stitched and designed in Paris, will be kept in your wardrobe for all of eternity. As soon as the wind starts to stir and the leaves begin to fall you will find yourself draped in the same quality fabric year in and year out. A true love for this deep green and shades of brown are fitting for autumn as well as winter, this pure accessory will be superb on top of any unfussy outfit.
We experienced the bucket bag design burry its way into this past summers trends and now designers are carrying out this chic attempt throughout the up coming cool weather seasons. For fall we are loving the use of a warm colored suede fabric to toss over your shoulder and make a statement on any day time or evening look
Sometimes all a look is missing is a little cinch at the waist. If you find yourself contemplating how you can accent your curves or add some shape to a frumpy sweater try this simplistic yet high end leather belt. Discovering a well fitting and quality designed accessory, such as a belt, could make it become your best friend.
What could be more girly and feminine than these felt and leather heart pins? It is easy to get carried away with this darling accessory because they can literally be placed and go wherever you please. We are especially loving them on the arm cuffs of a button down, pinned in your hair tie, attached to a purse or secured to a fitting pair of wearable sneakers.
Introducing a new accessory that may be different and not everyones style, but truly worth a try. These reversible leather shoe fringes are flirty, ambitious and unique! Those white sneakers that you have sitting in your closet can easily be jazzed up with these funky fringes. Dress-up an outfit by adding, removing and swapping colors with the simplistic design. We guarantee you will have people complimenting and asking you "where did you find those?" if you choose to incorporate this duo into your fall wardrobe!
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