10 Fall Fashion Trends for 2018
When a new season stirs around there are two types of individuals, one who tends to follow the appearances surrounded by them and those who remain in their basic oversized sweaters and boots. For those who lie in the middle, fear not, because this years trends wont scare you away too much. Sticking to basics, new layering techniques, and patterns we are looking forward to welcoming the new styles and inspirations with open arms. With regards to the runway fashion that strutted down the streets of New York and Paris most recently, not all the different varieties of looks were able to make our list. What we have curated for you is a casual, chic and a limit put on the eccentric looks that are not as accommodating to the everyday woman.
1) Combining the 80’s inspired bell bottom pant legs and 90’s influenced denim jumpsuit in this first fall look of ours, channel your inner Britney Spears with this full denim encouraged outfit. Flared or wide legged pants are very much back in style and very flattering to most women's figures. Paired with a fierce animal print boot, this iconic shoe on its own will be a reoccurring pattern throughout many inspirations for autumn and winter
2) As we mentioned earlier in our first example; cheetah, leopard and animal prints are making a strong mark this fall. We are starting to see this in a bundle of faux fur jackets and think it would be a substantial piece for the colder weather that is quickly approaching. This print is easier to style than one may think because it can be made sexy, feminine and strong in whichever way you want and, is typically designed with neutral colors. In this example, a silk blouse paired with gold jewelry is a fun and flirty outfit to wear on a date or day out with friends. On bottom we suggest a black leather skirt or a favorable classic black pant of your choosing. 
3) Straying away from the burnt oranges of fall, but still remaining with the warm tones genre, we are loving a mustard yellow shade this season. This color is especially blameless in the immediate transition from summer to fall. Complimenting most skin tones this color would look perfect in a jumpsuit or long skirt like the one we have here. Mixing the animal inspired print in a pair of booties again, this look is an impeccable representation of what we are starting to see this season. Promising for those who reside in areas that don't become as cold, and if you do live near chilled weather, an oversized sweater would also do well with this mustard yellow skirt.
4) Recently this trend has been seen in less of the high fashion style movements and more in the trending youthful aged categories. Stars themselves are being seen all throughout fast fashion stores, whether they are being accented as prints on sweaters, along the leg of a gym pants, or dangling off of choker necklaces. We are not positive how long this one will last, but for now we think its cute and sassy.

5) After the recent New York fashion week we were blessed with, one of our favorite inspired ensembles we captured from influencers were matching pant suits. This is such a sophisticated way to pull together a look and feel ultimately chic and flawless. For this styled trend we chose a neutral duo, but we have seen this in many different colors and cuts, making the suit adaptable and personalized. In looks of a casual way to style this trend, leave the jacket open, making it more inviting. During the daytime pair the set with a classic white shirt underneath and tucked into the pant, most definitely an effortless way to look current.

6) Pajama inspired outfits are being seen left and right, silk blouses and pants are being worn to events and prestigious dinners. Combining comfort and fashion? Who wouldn't love this trend! Silk can be a difficult area for some people, not feeling confident in the way it clings to their problem areas. Chose to style this trend in a lose demeanor, don't be afraid to size up if you have to! The flowy pants and matching top will be a flirty statement on the night and having you feeling ultimately upscale.
7) Combining two modish movements in this casual look we bring to you the track pant and fanny pack duo. It is not to be said this pairing has to be worn together but if you are a girl on the go, you might have a sensual appeal to this. Track pants are making a statement in fall fashion and are very versatile. Being designed in different colors and styles, track pants can be dressed up with a pair of heals and swank top, as well as dressed down when you're feeling impromptu and running around town.
8) After seeing the fashion forward Kim Kardashian rocking a form fitting neon dress to an event, whether we like it or not, it should be stated when she pulls off a controversial look it usual sticks and becomes a mod inclination. Who remembers the biker shorts she was rocking last year? Now look around, they are blatantly being worn and sold in all types of stores! The comforting fall neutrals are being pushed away just tiny bit further to make room for neons. Influencers are starting to mix bright florescent colors in with their styles and daily looks. Fashion week specifically put a statement on fuchsia pink during their shows. We are very excited to see where this trend goes and if it makes a true mark this season.
9) As the weather cools down some still want to keep their jean jackets as an essential item to their wardrobes. Although denim styled jackets aren't for everyone, if you do find yourself throwing on denim to finish off your street style look, there's ways to change it up. By pairing a jean jacket or even a corduroy jacket with a fur collar, will not only change the style of it completely making it more cozy and interesting, but bringing warmth to you as the weather chills down. Ideal when layering with your most favorite chunky sweaters!
10) The traditional wool beret is making a complete fashion statement this fall. We started to see this trend unfold and become apparent in the winter of 2017, but now the fashion connoisseurs have caught on and markets are offering many different colors and styles. We must say we do love this “French girl” or French inspired look, not to be stereotypical in any way, this fad is for everyone! Pairing the smart cap with a checkered blazer or slinky form fitting turtleneck, this is a classy/girly appearance to add to your fall collection.



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