5 Fashion Resolutions for 2019

A new year is always synonymous with new goals. Fashion wise, the list could be very long but we have curated the 5 most important resolutions to help you start a healthier "style and lifestyle". Make sure to comment below if you have other ideas :)

1) Make space

January is always a good month to do a big clean-up! Get rid of the old stuff. You know the ones that have been collecting dust in your closet. Those you like to keep “in case”. I think I am the worst at that. I keep lots of random and impossible-to-wear stuff telling myself: this top could be worn at a costume-party. This skirt would fit perfect if I were losing weight, this cardigan’s color might become fashionable again one day. And on and on...

Also, get rid of all the clothes that have been worn and worn and now look like rags!

The truth is: No, these items will not find their way to the top of your list this year or any other year. They had their moment of fame in your life and now it's time to let them go. Maybe to someone else who will give them the right amount of love they deserve. For you, there is more and others to come

2) Assume your style

Whether you like to sport an eccentric, boho-chic or classic style, this is who you are and you cannot get away from it. Your very own taste helps you express your true self. So be it! Don’t be scared to wear that fabulous dress discovered at a vintage market or this quirky colorful top snagged in a local designers fair.

Something else I wanted to mention: your body. Show off that body! Don’t be scared to wear clothes that will reveal a little more of you.

3) Buy less but better

Let’s be honest: most of us only wear 20% of our closet on a daily basis. The rest is for occasions or special mood days. Admitting that, perhaps you would like to have amazing stuff as part of that 20%. Think Quality vs Quantity (you can refer to our previous post mentioning that too) and invest in well cut and high quality pieces. Ideally, think ethical too. Look at the label and see where it had been made (ideally, made in a country that respects human rights and pays workers decently) and the materials used.

4) Step out of your comfort zone

As life goes by so quickly, we all tend to stick with a certain style because it is the easiest. We always wear the same colors and shapes because we know they fit us.

But what about experiencing your own style this year and let a trend or two gain your trust. Maybe Hot Pink is a tone that would reveal more of your personality. And maybe fitted skirts would show more of your beautiful curves? Think about it and try on new things this year!

5) Be curious

Talented designers all around the world work day and night on developing new ideas to enhance your daily style. Maybe there is something out there that you don’t know about yet but would conquer your heart? Maybe it's an item you don’t even know that exists, such as a very special jacket...

For fashion inspiration, I always recommend following influencers from different countries but also platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr. And of course the Made en France blog ;)

Happy New year!



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