9 Tips From French Women

Admired, romanticized and praised, the French style often remains a mystery overseas. Here are the 10 secrets of the utmost fashionable French women...

  • 1) Avoid trends, stay classic
  • Even though France has mass produced clothing companies such as Zara and H&M who dictate new trends rapidly, French women remain loyal to their own style. Choosing one or two trendy pieces to update their look ever so often does not cause them to stray away from garments and colors they know fit well and make them feel confident.

    2) Get the basics

    Every stylish French woman knows that before all, she needs to have the essentials which consist of a trench coat, a pair of ballet pump and a little black dress. Obtaining these basics create the effortless yet stylish and timeless ambiance the French women often portray. Remember Brigitte Bardot, the French icon who always wore her trench, because as we know “style is eternal”. Pieces such as these will always be extremely fashionable and accessible!

    3) Wear only what fits you

    French women know what flatters their body regardless of trends, falling into the new shapes, colors and fabrics does not work on every female. The first step is to ensure you look your best at all times with well fitted pieces, by “well fitted” we are not referring to tight garments. The French like to mix and match pairing fitted jeans with a loose top or larger pants with a close-fitting top will help to balance the look. Once you know what fits you well you can then embellish with accessories.

    4) Stick with a neutral palette

    French women tend to favor a color pallet of black and white with neutral shades mixed in such as beige, grey and brown scattered. A strong color for an accent is often used with a stylish scarf, staple handbag, witty shoes or a fierce red lip. Adding a pop of color can transform and complete an outfit but is advised to be done in a subtle way, simplicity is the ultimate chic in France.

    5) Think quality, not quantity

    French women are careful buyers they regularly review the new trends but prefer to invest in well cut pieces that will last eternally. Rather than buying multiple different products that are more likely to be gotten rid of in the next year, it is more knowledgeable for them to invest in a beautiful or luxurious item that you can be lastingly good always!

    6) Dress to feel good, not to impress

    A sophisticated style is as well a confident style. Touching on the concept of confidence is a key statement when it comes to French fashion. First, avoid sportswear. Next, dress in clothes that you feel good in. For instance focus on fabrics, shapes and style for the specific occasion. Knowing what you look and feel best in is more important than comparing yourself to what others are wearing. Once you have mastered this, your style will be enhanced naturally on an every day basis.

    7) Adopt the unfinished look
    There is nothing more fashionable than a relaxed yet chic look achieved at the same time. The trick is to balance the effect and pretend like you are not trying too hard. For example, a simple messy hair-bun paired with a well fitted collared top or rolling the sleeves of a shirt combined with an impeccable pleated skirt can harmonize the style.

    8) Add a quirky touch

    As mentioned in tip number 4, French style is about contrast. To avoid a look hat is “too polished” and “serious” the French like to add a funky element to complete their neutral unfinished classic look. Suggested as a pair of oversize glasses, a bold colored handbag, or a vibrant scarf is a way to show their sense of humor and personality.

    9) Buy Made in France

    Following too many fashion campaigns about the importance of the Made in France label, the French started to buy more and more “local” fashion. A way to show their support to designers who work hard to deliver quality made stylish pieces. This gives the French a way to boycott “fast-fashion” and its negative outcomes regarding child labor, starvation wages, chemical uses and cheap fabrics. Encouraging the local pieces has also helped with style overall because women are more likely to find unique pieces that little or none may have!

    We hope this article inspired you. Feel free to browse our beautiful collection to find some new ideas for your wardrobe!



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