10 Fashion Trends to forget in 2019

As we get ready to a new year, it is time for a new set of trends. According to the fashion week, the street style scene, and the influencers, these are the fashion trends it's time to retire from. We're always looking a season ahead to find the next trend so, if you are like us and you've been paying attention to what's been popular during Fashion Month, let’s see bellow what trends you should move on this season.


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With the 90’s fury, celebrities and influencers have been spotted adorning them, showing off their toned legs and caramel tan in LA or warmer place than Europe now. Come to think of it, this season, it is definitely not the season to wear it and bohemian look is not considered as fashionable as it was this season. So let’s start 2019 with fresh trends!


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In 2018, you were ready to set your Millennial Pink aside to make room for the new It shade: lavender. But in 2019, it is replaced by warmer colors like coral this season. Indeed, the pretty pastel lavender is definitely too complicated to wear and doesn’t fit to everybody color skin.


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Stylish as they may be, it is difficult to take small sunglasses seriously. Although many celebrities and models as Kaia Gerber, Kendall Jenner or the Hadid’s sisters were seen wearing those glasses, we have decided it is time to move on and forget about this 2018 trend because as we all know it doesn’t protect much from the sun. It is now a passing trend, and your sunglasses budget might be better spent on a more timeless style and size.


Source: Vogue

Putting your life on display for the world to see is not for the faint of heart unless of course, you’re a fashion person and want to show that what’s inside is just as important as the outside. But what if you don’t want to show what’s inside your bag and stay fashionable? As we all know, a woman’s bag is full of secret. Now, enough to worry about who can see our tampons.


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" The most provocative thing in fashion" The New York Times said. No matter how you try to explain its rise, it's clear that the prairie dress is not elegant at all.  It was a slow burn and we can understand why. The prairie dress is a total misunderstanding piece of clothing, Victorian style is more suited for Halloween costumes. Little House on the Prairie ended in 1983 so apart for Laura Ingalls, we have to agree here, nobody can look chic wearing prairie dresses.


Source: Port Magazine

Probably the least sexy name ever and not ultra waterproof don’t you think? It is not a fashion faux-pas but cowboy boots feel a lot more modern and fresher for 2019! Boots are a good way to hide socks because it is not elegant at all to see your socks so why combining those two? We declare that is is time to get rid off this trend!


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Too much bulk, heavy shape and overly complicated to wear, the “Renaissance” style will not be joining us this year!


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This trend remind us shopping bag to go to the market on sunday morning. Is is practical to carry fruit and vegetables but in our opinion, it has to stay with the fishes…Bags are created to accessorize an outfit and be elegant as a french woman but this bag is opposed to the first characteristic of a bag: to finalize the everyday dress of women, by its shapes and colors.


Source: Port magazine

Incredibly figure-flattering but too bohemian and not modern at all. We declared the waif look outdated!


Source: Sydnestyle

Too difficult to pull off, aggressive for our eyes : it doesn’t work at all, particularly if it’s lavender ;)



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