10 French Inspired Cocktails
Drinking is a social engagement that brings people together all over the world. Some may be able to distinguish certain countries just on the the types of alcohol and liqueurs they indulge in. We think of the French culture and immediately consider wine or even the Irish who enjoy a lot of beer! Although the French are infatuated with their fine wines, their are some specific concoctions of cocktails that have been created over an extensive amount of time from the French themselves. 

The legends that stand behind the true identity of the beloved mimosa are inevitable. Some may argue that the popular brunch drink was founded in London and other will say Paris. If you are asking us, we like to stick to the story that this mixed refresher was born in the year 1925. A bartender working in the notable Ritz Hotel in Paris, by the name of Frank Meier, stirred up the mimosa using equal parts of sparkling wine and Orange juice.

Created in the late 1920’s at a well known Parisian bar located in the Chatham Hotel. This eye catching cocktail is typically served in a martini glass and garnished with a cherry! The vermouth-based beverage was very popular in this specific bar during a large chunk of the 20’s, the dark pink drink has rosy-hues from the cherry liqueur and gin.

3) FRENCH 75
The "French 75" was deemed its creative name after a World War I artillery piece, it can also be known as a French Rose Cocktail. Mixed with only three ingredients consisting of gin, vermouth and brandy this strong cocktail is commonly served in any cocktail glass of your choice!

Named after the famous French silent film star from the roaring 20’s, Pepa Bonafe, is this arousing cocktail. The French starlet inspired beverage is a combination of brandy, vodka and vermouth, for a bitter tang add a twist of a lemon peel to this French delicacy.

Not only for the admirable French blondes, this cocktail can be for any one! Using the unique St. Germain elderflower liqueur, gin, and white lillet, mix these with your favorite grapefruit juice and let the citrus delight brighten up the night!

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris inspired this next refresher. Combining equal parts Cognac and Amaretto liqueur served on the rocks in an old fashioned glassware, for only the classiest of fellows of course.

Set in the 1930’s this twist on a classic gin based drink was refined by Nitehawk Cinema's Beverage Director, Jen Marshal. Inspired by the Oscar-nominated film Hugo, this matured drink can be created by mixing gin, a splash of lime juice and a hint of chartreuse. In hopes to keep the journey of Hugo and Isabella through Paris alive, serve this enchanting beverage in a lovely tulip glass!

Savory, tangy and sweet all in one drink? Bring the ultimate punch with this elaborate martini. Easily digested with a five star meal in Paris, using pomegranate juice, grapefruit juice, orange flavored vodka, sweet vermouth, pink peppercorns and wait for it… a splash of balsamic vinegar! Garnish this grand thirst quencher with only black olives and let your taste buds do the talking.

The tale telling story of “The Beauty Spot” originates from the French decent that made its mark on Louisville, Kentucky. Here, in the established Pendennis Club, wine steward Jacques Straub’s curated his famous “Drinks” book in 1914. The cocktail recipe reader included many inspired compounds that only call for the most high end products and liqueurs. The Beauty Spot is made with 2 parts gin to 1 part red vermouth and green chartreuse, shook together with again only the finest ingredients money can buy. Treat yourself to this luxurious potion. 

Served at parties by none other than the creator, French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. This cocktail has come to its name from those who tend to “shake it up”, the potent potion is shook with ice, cognac and absinthe. This chilled beverage will be the earthquake your body needs to wake up and have a good time!

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Diana Acosta

All of these beautiful drinks look so enticing. Definitely going to mix up the “Lumiere” this weekend!

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