Mother's Day Gifts For Every Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you are like myself, each year becomes even more challenging to find the perfect gift for my mom. This year, instead of sticking with old habits and resorting to a Spa day, I wanted to get my mom something none of her other friends would have - a gift from France! Our new arrivals and some of our favorite veteran Made En France products have made my search a breeze. Luckily, I’ve curated a gift guide for you to pay homage to your mom and get her a gift she will have for years to come.  

For The Chic Mom: A timeless luxury Scarf

A scarf is one of those gifts that never goes out of style. Scarves are a great gift not only because they look pretty, but because they serve so many different purposes. Our selection of scarves will instantly elevate your mom’s outfit by being draped around her neck or can be tied around her handbag to channel her inner trendsetter.

For The New Mom: A Tote Bag 

Actually, this Patt’touch tote is one of our favorite gifts because it doesn’t scream “diaper bag” and will still be a go to handbag way past the diaper days. The stylish tote is large enough to fit all baby items, comes with an additional zipper clutch, and still has room for mom’s personal things.

For The Mom Who Loves Jewelry: A gorgeous pair of Handcrafted Earrings 

Jewelry seems to always be a no brainer gift idea however "earrings with a meaning" stand out amongst the rest. We are very proud to work with artisans in France and USA who produce sustainable Instead of taking the classic route and buy something mass produced, go for a pair of cool earrings handmade by a small artisan and you will have your mom accessorized for the Spring and Summer months.

For The Mom Who Makes Time For Nightlife: Lucette Iridescent Blue Clutch by Lucienne Paris

These Lucienne Paris clutches scream “cool mom”. I love this clutch' s eye catching cobalt blue color of and the detachable gold bangle - giving you a real two for one deal! Add dinner reservations or cocktail plans to this gift and hit the town with your mom.

For The Preppy Mom: Gold Scarf Cuff by Oh La La 

This cuff and a bright colored dress or a fresh pressed button down go hand in hand. If that sounds like your mom’s go to outfit, you’ve found your Mother’s Day gift! Just like a lot of our other items, this piece can be worn 2 ways - with the silk scarf interwoven, or as a more classic, all gold bracelet.

For The Move Who Is Always Put Together: (coordinating round bag & coin purse)

If your mom is anything like mine, she loves a coordinated look. With that in mind, we’ve paired our (designer name) circle bag with a matching coin purse. This elevated option to a classic matching handbag and wallet, make this gift set unique and one your mom won’t forget year after year.

For The Mom Who Frequents The Beach:  

For beach lovers, straw hats are almost as essential as a chic bathing suit, and for gift lovers, nothing is better than getting a gift you can use instantly! Our hats luckily covers both of these areas with the Summer coming up. Keeping with our theme of versatility, this hat is perfect for catching rays but also works for your mom’s ladies lunch dates.



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