Coming: Paris Fashion Week 2018!

Our office is filled with both chatter and excitement with our favorite time of the year being one short month away….Paris Fashion WeekThree little words that give us inspiration by simply being spoken. However, these three words also describe an event that is highly influential for any fashion lover. An event that has impacted both French and American culture and continues to impact how we dress and what boutiques will choose to carry each season.

But how did Paris Fashion Week become one of the most talked about events for anyone and everyone in the fashion industry?

Keep reading to learn how it all started, what to expect at the upcoming shows, who will be in attendance, and what to do for a little relaxation throughout the week.

The History of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week 1973 - image source: Vogue

Fashion itself was said to be born during the 18th Century in the salons of none other than Louis XIV. Yes, that's right, the one who became king of France at age 5 and built the Palace of Versailles. Unsurprisingly, his court was the original glitterati. The garments and fashion seen at these luxurious parties were seen and copied by the wealthy around the world. It is here where the basic idea of a fashion show (going to an event to view the latest trends) was born.

From the 18th century to the 19th century French designers would individually show their buyers the seasons designs. It wasn’t until the 1850s when French designers realize it would be beneficial to show their designs to a group of potential buyers, rather than individually. In 1858 Charles Frederick Worth opens the first Haute Couture fashion house.

Fast forward to 1945 and La Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture (regulates which houses are haute couture) established a set of rules to set apart Haute Couture houses. Each house was required to show a collection of at least 35 looks with both daytime and evening wear. 28 years later and the first recognized Paris Fashion Week is born, known as the 1973 Grand Divertissement. The event was to be a fundraiser and held at the Palace of Versailles in order to restore the estate. Can you say très chic?

image source: New York Times

What To Expect this coming September?

At Made en France, our favorite part about Paris Fashion Week are the two waves of trends that encumber Paris throughout the week. On the runways you will see Spring/Summer 2019 collections, however those in attendance will be exhibiting the fall and winter trends that were seen at the previous fashion week. It’s magical to see such beautiful designs march down the catwalks and a few short months later seeing the same trends penetrating the streets of Paris.

image source : ImaxTree - Livingly

 Over the past decade, Street Style has evolved into a fashion show itself, making what you wear almost as important as the designs you are there to see. Expect to feel a romantic vibe from the flowy floral dresses strutting from show to show. Animal print is also a trend that we believe will be seen roaming through Paris from pant suits to dresses and blouses. Magenta seems to be the color of the fall, truly brightening up a cold Parisian night, and rouching was seen on both dresses, blouses, and skirts giving shape to a flowy garment. My favorite trend of the fall is Polished PJ’s. In my opinion, there is nothing better than looking chic and feeling comfortable.

Who Will Be There?

image source: Stylecaster

From the runway to the front row, the ”who’s who” of the fashion and celebrity worlds will be trickled throughout all of Paris come September 25th. Influencers, celebs, models, editors, designers, photographers (I think you get the point) will all be in attendance, because what’s more fabulous than being seen at Paris Fashion Week?

In regards to designers, you can expect the most well-known and the most fabulous. Throughout the week you can see Dior, Chloe, Balmain, Hermes, and Saint Laurent. On Sunday Balenciaga, Valentino, and Givenchy will debut their exquisite creations. Needless to say you can foresee the best in the industry.

Previously at Paris Fashion Week, Chloe Grace Moretz, Karlie Kloss, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Connelly, and Sienna Miller were all spotted at the Louis Vuitton show. One of our favorite influencers, Olivia Palermo, was spotted at Giambattista Valli and Anna Wintour (who always deserves a mention) was spotted, well, everywhere!

All in all, if you’re hoping to spot a celeb, do not fret. It’ll be as easy as finding macaroons in Paris!

What To Do During Down Time?

Paris Fashion Week absolutely does not provide any down time, but you yourself may need to give the stilettos a rest and let your lashes breath for a moment (cue the polished PJ’s). With that being said, where better to do than a quaint coffee shop or sipping on a glass of champagne with a view. Below are a few of our favorite spots to do so.

Coffee at Telescope

Said to be the coffee shop for fashion addicts (the office for CELINE is nearby), this is a great place to rest between shows and relax. You can easily hear customers rave about their café and the place is known to only hire the most experienced baristas.

Champagne with a view at Hôtel Montaigne

image source: Hôtel Montaigne

Known to be one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris we believe it has one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower. With several couture shops right around the corner it’s a great place to stop in for a glass of champagne (in their trendy bar) while gazing at Paris’s iconic staple.

Pampering at The Chanel Spa at the Ritz Paris

Whether it’s throughout the week or when fashion week comes to an end, a trip to the spa is always the right place to relax. Especially when the spa intertwines with one of our favorite brands, Chanel. The spa focuses on providing luxurious pampering with Chanel treatments. From facial treatments to massages Chanel Au Ritz Paris only provides the best. 

The perfect ending to a perfect week in Paris. 


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Erin Vellinger

Erin Vellinger

Great article Kara!! Enjoyed reading about the history behind fashion week and all the upcoming design trends! Maybe Uncle John will surprise me with some polished pj’s for Christmas this year!😃 Hope you’re doing well! We are hoping to visit Charleston sometime soon and would love to see you!💕

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