Introducing Patt'touch Baby Shoes
Today, we met with Julie, an incredible young woman and one of the founders of Patt’touch, our favorite baby shoes brand.
What is your beautiful story?
Pat’touch is a family-owned company created by us, two passionate sisters with our parents support. Growing up with a stylist as a mom, we seemed to follow her footsteps with a desire to offer other families high quality products made in a sustainable and ethical way.
While designing the shoes, we had fun combining elements of our childhood - such as Salome and Derby and Sneakers - with colors, shapes, and leathers to give birth to a collection of more than 40 designs. These shoes are easy to wear, original and adapt to the feet of toddlers from the time they take their very first steps.
We are also offering a range of customizable booties embroidered with your baby's first name for authenticity! An unforgettable custom birth gift that parents will forever keep in memory of their little one.

Why make products made in France?
Patt'touch is also another vision of fashion with strong commitments, complete transparency and respect for high standard production practices. We realized that the collective awareness of what clothes are and how they are made is extremely strong.
When deciding to produce in France in our own workshop, chosen carefully and transparently were our tanners and suppliers of our accessories. Being apart of a new movement, and not conforming to a new generation of parents who wish to consume otherwise. We offer unique and tailor-made pieces as well as a style and a product that is part of time and no longer ephemeral.
Patt'touch is apart of this new montra that highlights the handcrafted, hand-stitched and highly skilled products that are made in France. They are very happy to see all the initiatives that are developing into an ambitious boutique that is Made en France specifically.

What are your inspirations?
We like the balance between creativity, originality and tradition. Exponentially we follow the French know how of the manufacturing process: the stitched-back and classic forms such as Salome and Derby. Creativity rating, they do not hesitate to play with leathers, colors and shapes, giving free range to their imagination. So you will find leopard printed impressions leather on Street Art and Burano, but also the iconic shapes such as Richelieu or a collection dedicated to ceremonies (baptism, christening, weddings..). We also created our own shapes!
Our baby booties are unique pieces. We imagine them as the first baby shoes or the unique and unforgettable birth gift that parents will keep preciously in memory of the first months of baby's life.
Manufactured only in leather, the skins are cut from tanners of excellence and selected accordingly to a strict quality criteria giving Patt'touch shoes an unparalleled flexibility and finesse.
What are your upcoming projects?
My sister and I share lots of ideas amongst ourselves but we are not the first to pronounce that there is only 24 hours in a day!
With our know-how in footwear, we plan on extending our range to pre-step baby booties with a non-slip rubber sole. Indeed they noticed that there are few offers for slippers that facilitate the transition between the babies lying down and onto their first steps. It is very unpleasant for the baby to switch from the boot to a walking shoe directly, which is why they want to fill this gap and offer a nice range of baby booties.

In parallel, we have just launched their first line of footwear first step ranging from size 19 to 23 with 4 models, always made in France. You can now find a Botton shape declined in Cognac, Navy Blue and Rose Bubblegum and a gray Babies. We took the time to study models and shapes adapted to the first steps of baby providing excellent foot support. They are also very light and made of soft leather.
We also just opened a line of few leather goods with health book protectors and kits in Yellow Chick, Red Raspberry and Green anise and a line tote and diaper bags 100% leather and 100% made in France!
Following requests and interactions with the Moms community, we realized that there was a real demand around the mothers' accessories too.
My sister Olivia, a young mother herself, has imagined a line of tote changing bags that perfectly meets the needs and values of a young working mother. She created this model for active and feminine mothers in search of a practical carryall! Entirely in grained leather, it can be worn both as a shoulder bag and purse while storing all the things for mom and baby.

Thanks to its two parts separated by a central zipped pocket, it is designed to hold on one side the wipes, baby bottles, diapers, teats, a blanket, care products for newborns, baby meals and a bib. On the other side there is room for a  phone, makeup bag, notebook or any other accessory essential to the beloved mothers!
A new collection, of course, always aligned with our values of unique and custom-made pieces that are easy to wear and made with craftsmanship of impeccable quality, hand-stitching and made in France!
Finally, we are preparing a very special collaboration with a brand we love, Minty Wendy, the jewelry for moms...stay tuned!



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