The Top 10 Must Have Bags

Have you ever found yourself in a pickle about which bag you wanted to use? Worried about if all your belongings will fit or that you would have to be lugging around a an unnecessary oversized tote all day? Made en France has picked out 10 perfect bags that will be fitting for almost any occasion you can think of. There is no need to fret any longer with these bags offered on our site we promise you will not regret adding them to your collection.

1) The Circle Bag

Style icons have been strutting around this trendy style bag for months now. Circle bags or also known as round bags come in many different fabrics, styles and sizes. We picked out a must have nude circle bag that will be the ideal complimentary to your day in the shops. This sized bag will hold your cards, a lip product and your phone; all the things needed for a shopping spree with girlfriends. The cross body style is comfortable and keeps all your belongings close!


2) Bag for the Weekend Traveler

When traveling there are some additional items that us women like to keep on hand or near us. Parting for a weekend or a long day trip may entail bringing a laptop, journal, feminine care, a easy change of outfits and products to freshen up with. Your answers have been solved, this large tote with medium length handles can be carried on your shoulders or long armed by your side. Offered in stylish boho chic cowhide leather and fabrics you no longer have to worry about fitting all your beloved belongings for the day.


3) The Quintessential Everyday Tote

This bag can be reliable for most but specifically all our mothers out there we have found the perfect everyday leather tote for you. Comfort is important when you are on the go and this particular designed carriage will help you feel put together and prepared. With ease you can throw your sunglasses, wipes, your wallet, coloring books and so much more in this sublime delicacy.


4) Simplistic Day time Clutch

For those who are less high maintenance and travel light. A day to night clutch will suit your needs. Whether you are hopping on a train to the city or have last minute dining plans, this leathered envelope style coupling can fit a passport, a compact mirror and your phone all in the grip of your hand. When joining your friends for brunch this adorable clutch can be placed on the table or on your lap, be prepared for the compliments you’re going to encounter about your stylish new accessory.


5) The Night Owl Minimalist Bag

For a night out on the town we have designated a sophisticated minimalist rectangle clutch that can also double on your shoulder with its cosmopolitan metal chain. To polish off your elegant and chic style, this bag will hold old the essentials needed to have drinks or go dancing. No need to anguish misplacing your things or having your purse stolen with this close fitted gem. A little plus: The delicate rose gold plated bangle can be removed from the strap and worn alone as an elegant piece of jewelry.


6) Cross-body Grab and Go

Adopting an easy to grab every day cross body is also essential women who are always on the go.  Running to grab coffee or remembering last minute that you are due at an appointment, grab this modern cross-body to throw on your shoulder and scurry out the door. Keep this perfect sized shoulder bag with all your everyday cards, sunnies and keys for an easy fix to your busy days. The scalloped envelope style will keep all your belongings in place while looking chic at the same time. Excellent to hang on a hook by your exit for easy reach.


7) Boho Cross-body

Foolproof for the live music lovers and relaxed festival goers, this fringed cross body will be the ideal bag for not only style but convenience. Twirling away in an open field your friends will be sure not to lose you if you choose one of the exciting vibrant colors we offer. The suede leather material and fringed flap will be the cherry on top of your boho inspired look.



8) Luxury Bucket Bag   

Another chic style many are currently loving, a uniquely styled bucket bag to add a unforgettable twist on the most casual outfits. If you are looking to add color or a high end luxury appeal to your appearance look no further. This design of bag has been impeccably made with a modern and elegant twist on the bucket bag. You are sure to become a trendsetter with the purchase of this tasteful tote. Paired specifically with a textured surface for depth, gold hardware for a statement and adjustable straps for flexibility.


9) An Elegant Silk Pouch

Perfect for an elegant evening cocktail, this silk pouch is the perfect accessory to carry along when hitting up the hotel bar before your reservations at a Five star restaurant. Sophisticated and highly customizable, this classic hand sewn Made en France product will leave you wanting more.


10) Casual Card Holder

Sometimes all you really need is your debit card and ID right? We have selected the perfect mens card holder, ladies this could be the perfect gift for that special someone. These fine leather crafted cardholders can double for women as well, for they are offered in various colors.

All of the suggested example Made en France has shared are offered in multiple different colors, some offering different fabrics, others having the choice of being customizable to suit your specific style. Choices of different chains, lining and tassels may be applicable upon request.  



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