Top 7 for this Summer’s Trends

The beloved summer season is upon us and we all know what that means, a whole new stream of trends to follow. It is not hard to figure out what our favorite influencers and fashion icons are loving this time of the year but we have narrowed it down to the top seven. If you are not in tune with what's new this year our list will make it simple for you when you are shopping for your summer wardrobe. What’s your favorite summer trend?

1) Straw Bags

Growing up my mother always pulled out the same straw bag when the warm weather came upon us, I disliked it and thought it was outdated. But some trends come and go and this year we are loving on straw bags. Perfect for a beachy look straw bags are being designed in many shapes, colors and styles. If we were being specific we can relate to the circle straw cross body, this will be the perfect on trend summer bag that will be sure to go with most outfits.


2) Colorful Earring

Statement earring are sure to dress up a look anytime of the year, this summer we are focusing in on colorful tassels. Suitable for an evening look, letting your earrings be the focus of your outfit will give you a playful and summertime chic look. Luckily, you don't have to go far because our partners Maison Basoa have an array of different styled and colored earring that you will be sure to fall in love with. 


  • 3) Oversized Hats
  • An elegant appeal that comes and goes with the summer season, not only to protect your precious skin from the sun you can look fabulous at the same time! Oversized hats can be worn at the beach or roaming around flower gardens but are also impeccable for this time of the year because it is the time for horse races and outdoor weddings. Throw on your hat and summer dress and have a styled look that took no time.


  • 4) Head Scarf
  • Keep your hair out of your face during the summer heat with a feminine head scarf. This look may come skeptical and not be for everyone but try it once and see how you like it! One of our designer Ania Axenova designs contemporary scarves that are also very versatile. Scarves can also be tied into your up-do, around your neck, onto the handle of your straw bag and around your neck! We are loving silk scarves for the perfect summer accessory.


  • 5) Espadrilles

    Surely we had to give you a summertime shoe! Espadrilles not only give you the height you are looking for but create a chic look for this time of the year. Lengthening your legs and comfortable to wear, this platform like shoe will go with a floral dress and straw bag. Forgot to get a pedicure? No need to fret Espadrilles are also being offered in an adorable sneaker form this summer, we love this trend!


  • 6) Small Sunglasses
  • Slim sunglasses are back in style, we first noticed this trend during the spring and it has continued into the summer season. Looking for a new summer shade go for a cat eye or oval shape and you will sure to look like an of duty model. We specifically are loving the white frames that will be sure to go with any day time and fresh look.


    7) Gingham Print

    Gingham seemed to have been a trend last summer but is even bigger this year! Straying away from the classic black and white print try choosing a bright color. Summer is all about sunshine and lightweight looks, try a matching gingham print set. You will be sure to be following the summer trend and can wear the pieces separately as well!




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