5 trends for 2020

Following the raising awareness of Fast Fashion dangers for the planet and the signature of the Fashion Pact by 150 brands, the 2020 trends will surely reflect the new buzzing word: SUSTAINABILITY.

In light of this, here are 5 fashion moves to check out for this year. And our favorite sustainable brand for each of them.

 1. Bucket Bags

From the famous Noe Bag created by Louis Vuitton in 1932 (this bag could carry 5 bottles of champagne, which was its original purpose), the cute bucket bag has come a long way with many other designers crafting it (Hermes, Mansur Gavriel, Gucci, Prada…)
Whether it is made of fabric, leather, straw or any other cool material, we all love its elegant and timeless design. This year is about being bold, so bucket bags are showing off bright colors, prints and funky shapes.

Favorite sustainable bucket bag brand: Marigance (100% made in Paris with remnants of high fashion fabrics and leathers)

2. Large round earrings

For those who haven’t heard about Ingrid Fetell and her “round shapes theory”, check out her TEDx talk on youtube and you will understand why the round earrings are making such a huge comeback in 2020! According to Ingrid’s theory, round shapes are universally joyful, and I couldn’t agree more! Simple or embellished, they will add style and elegance to your everyday look!

Favorite sustainable round earrings brand: Gisel B and her Maxi gold and Mother of Pearl earrings (100% made in France by the designer herself, using ethical and high quality raw materials).

3. Bright prints

Forget about nudes and other light shades, 2020 is about COLOR, but not only! Dots, rainbows, large graphic prints, bold floral motifs...The spring/summer collection will be bright and festive! And we feel like the 70’s are back in style! And we are so excited about it! (To combine with large colorful sunglasses, which will be also super trendy!)

Favorite sustainable clothing brand for bright prints: Francis and Benedict (100% made in Togo by highly skilled seamstresses paid honestly, using traditional African wax. All profits of the company go back to the community, benefiting orphans, widows, and those suffering in poverty.

4. Denim

If you were planning on throwing away your old jeans, you might reconsider it. For three reasons: 1) Denim is back! 2) Shorts are back! (so you can cut off your jeans and turn them into tiny shorts) And 3) Recycling is trendy! You can easily turn these old jeans into headbands, scrunchies or anything else cute & fashionable.
Denim is back yes! And it has some elegant boho vibes this year.

Favorite sustainable clothing brand for Denim: Able (Ethical fashion brand that employs and empowers women with decent pays and compensations as a solution to end poverty in Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil and India).

5. Padded Headbands 

This spring and summer 2020, your hair will be kept net and chic with trendy headbands! Made with linen, cotton, velvet, silk, prints, no prints, embellishments, no embellishments… There is for sure a headband made for you out there! And there are so many cool ways and occasions to wear them! Just let your creativity take the lead or influencers and brands inspire you...

Favorite sustainable brand for Padded headbands: ASOS (headbands made with recycled fabric and recycled plastic).  

Do you know of any other sustainable brand following the new 2020 trends? Let us know if the comments section! 



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