Ania has always been extremely passionate about fashion and sewing. She has made almost all her own clothes since the early age of 18 years old. During her textile design classes, her fanatical love for different fabrics grew and she then realized she could create her own.                                            Residing in a chilly nature, she kept wrapping herself in big scarves and often struggled with the styling. She wanted to create a choice that is beautiful and could be worn in the hot or cold. One day, the answer came to her and was obvious, Ania decided to draw a collection of shawls.                                                                                                                                                                           She wanted the scarves to be big, large enough to be able to wrap yourself well inside. Using pure wool so that they are warm and most importantly, she wanted to create designs that would be beautiful from all angles, whether the shawl is in a ball or carefully folded. Not just scarves but pure paintings to create a picture while lying flat as well as tell a story. Two years had passed and after thousands of drawings were thrown in the trash, hundreds of print essays, trying to find the right fabrics, the right printer and succeed in having the most accurate colors without giving up the choice of wool as a canvas - in autumn 2016, the first shawls "Ania Axenova - Paris" were devised in Paris.

In 2017 the collection was enriched with large scarves using silk crepe and beautiful lavallières; today she is preparing a mini-collection in silk Twill.

For most tasks, her project is a “one woman show”. Ania creates the drawings, works with the printer, takes care of the sewing of her shawls, performs photo shoots, designs her site, as well as all the stationery and the packaging that comes with the orders. Not to mention she is very engaged in social media and uses Instagram, which takes a lot of her time as well. She has a huge choice to have her partner doing the same job as her, but in addition to being an Artistic Director, he does web development. In addition to the constant help and support he gives her, he takes care o the website mostly.

A year ago, she swapped the elegance and brilliance of Paris for the light and softness of Nice, where she lives and works ever since.                                                                                           After being printed, the shawls are then sewn in her mini-workshop. She makes the lavallières and the silk kits.  Ania is very visual, so everything that surrounds her seems to inspire her, such as posters in the subway, a painting in a cathedral, a woman sitting at the table of a café, a flower bouquet or a beautifully illuminated door.                                       She never dared, nor pretended to consider herself as an artist, but rather as an artisan.  She appreciates the usefulness of things and the neat work, the rarity and exclusivity of the objects. She is an ardent follower of slow fashion and likes to feel the soul of the creator by paying attention to all the details of the object, so she does the same for her own brand. For example, on some of her silk models she hides a four-leaf clover, just for the sake of imagining the surprise of the one who will come to discover it. Reading-reading-reading, deco, plants, ceramics... On top of that, lately she invested a lot of time and work in embroidery.

She discovered a tool of traditional embroidery, which is the hook Luneville that gives her a lot of ideas. She dreams of one day to make a shawl entirely embroidered by hand, pure madness some may say!

For a few weeks she is developing a small screen printing studio at home and hopes to enrich her collection of hand-printed models very soon. Stay tuned for the elegant creations of the talented Ania.