In love with all things ethical, designer Aurélie Chadaine started her own brand in 2018 with the desire to transmit values that were highly important to her such as the exceptional French craftsmanship, and short work circuits, to favor quality over quantity.

She does this by taking the time to design a product as well as giving it time to exist. Aurélie’s leather goods are made with vegetable tanned leather, a unique process using organic materials and natural tannins derived from leaves and branches of trees and plants. This results in colors that are rich and deep in natural earthy tones such as browns, beiges, yellows and reds. The fibers of the leather are visible in the finished product, lending an authenticity and personality to the leather that makes it more unique. Vegetable-tanned leather also has a distinctively sweet, woody fragrance that is normally associated with leather. Each piece made with this leather has unique shades and nuances, which are a mark of genuineness.