Created in the beginning of 2017, Edith & Marcel is the story of a dreamer in Paris. Aurélie was at a time in her life where she was trying to give it a meaning. She wanted to develop a project that would spotlight her country of France so people could see the value of the extraordinary knowledge and know-how of the French artisans. Aurélie also wanted her project to maintain, sustain, and create jobs. Thus, Edith & Marcel was born.

Why indoor shoes? She spent too many evenings with friends at home during which she was forced to put on uncomfortable shoes while hosting. Unable to choose between welcoming her guests barefoot or in slippers, she realized there was gap to be filled in the shoe industry. No need to choose between style or comfort!

Aurélie works alone, from the design to the marketing and promotion. However, she has her shoes made in a little leather factory that employs 50 people.

Made in France is the essence of her project: raising awareness about French luxury, boosting the local economy and creating jobs. France has gained a reputation throughout the world thanks to large groups, but also thanks to its workshops that train the artisans of tomorrow.

Aurélie is very attached to beautiful things and finishes. This is the reason why she only works with the most beautiful skins. The shoes are made of lamb and goatskin with a suede sole. There is nothing more luxurious. She’s inspired by classic and timeless designs. She does not want to give in to ephemeral trends that we so often see today. She focuses on creating shoes that last, which will always be elegant and stand against the test of time. It's the pursuit of ultimate elegance.

Her personal values are authenticity, passion, commitment. Everyday she tries to surpass herself because it is her own definition of happiness.

She wants to show to her 3 daughters that when you believe in something, you have to follow your heart. She led by example when she left a stable career in a big pharmaceutical company to bring her dream to life.

Her future projects include the development of a children’s line and new collections of luxury home decor.