Proud little hands bustling on the vintage sewing machine, Laure Colliot Juramy, the founder of Lucienne Paris, remembers the emotional gestures of her grandmother Lucienne, shaping a new child's dress for each of her summer visits.

The former first hand in major fashion houses, Lucienne transmitted the taste of beautiful materials by caressing and shaping the precise gestures with highly skilled craftsmanship of her own.


Laure worked for ten years in marketing before changing her life by taking over her family sewing business. Inheriting gestures from her talented grandmother, a real and true passion for leather goods and jewelry aspired. Knowings of her upbringing helped when inspiring Laure's mature idea of ​​a new brand. Perfecting the alliance of her two worlds in marketing and craftsmanship. Very determined, she followed through her leather sewing courses and became acquainted with the techniques and languages of the workshops.

Her vision resulted in a collection of chic and practical fashion accessories launching officially in the year of 2016.

Lucienne Paris is an audacious line of leather goods-jewelry designed to make everyday life easier for women and enhance their styles daily.

All Lucienne Paris’ leather goods are made in the Barreteau workshop, one of the last independent leather goods companies still standing prominently in France. Here, the combination of traditional know-how and innovative technical applications for over 65 years are proudly served. This workshop carries the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), which rewards the excellence of French expertise. The Lucinne jewels (such as the gold bangle attached to the clutches) are made in a Parisian workshop recognized for its high standards and quality.