Born in the South West of France, Patt'touch tells the story of two sisters who grew up in a world of craftsmanship and creative influences.

Since their childhood, they naturally developed a taste for beautiful things and fashion. Their mother, a stylist, had fun creating unique pieces for herself and her daughters. The two girls had discovered at a very young age the pleasure drawing and creating brought to them.
They were sensitized by the beautiful materials, both how to choose them and how to work them. Beyond all of this, they also understood very early on the value of craftsmanship and its irreplaceable quality.
They created Patt'touch in November 2016, with the desire to perpetuate a traditional and family know-how with the sewn-returned and especially products made in France to offer young parents (and their babies) high quality products to avant-garde and unique style! Each model of shoes is drawn and impeccably hand-made in the family workshop located in the South-West of France, with respect for high standards production practices.

The Patt’touch family members are extremely passionate! Their favorite material to work with amongst all others is leather, one of the most noble materials endowed with unequaled virtues. The fine, supple, and thermoregulatory material that leather allows the feet of babies to breathe in the summer while keeping them warm in the winter. It is also a material that leaves room for imagination. Almost anything is possible with leather!
They love colors and mixing materials (as per their Bella shoes), always combined with chic and timeless lines, and of course a priority for comfort!
Baby comfort is a priority for them: each slipper and shoe are studied in respect of the morphology of a child’s foot to allow its harmonious development, which is essential when learning how to walk. Their slippers are as close as possible to the feeling "barefoot" while protecting the baby from small obstacles of everyday life and bad weather!
We hope you and your little one enjoy their creations!
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