Since she was born, Aurore wanted to create things by using her skilled hands. She is a self taught artist and designer. Lover of fashion and pretty things, she started to draw and make jewelry for fun. Progressively, her brand Stella Mai was born in May 2017.

Located in the suburbs of Paris, she does everything single handedly. From design to realization, research and development, commercial, administration, communication and photos, Aurore does it all.

The Made In France production is essential to her and matches her own values. As an independent artisan, it's important to do everything precise and with perfect finishes, as per the Parisian luxury standards. She is proud of the French know-how and wants to keep it alive.

When designing her jewelry, she draws her inspiration from life, moments, and people she meets in the streets of Paris. She has a passion for fashion, photography, architecture and also loves to spend time with her friends. They can also be a great source of inspiration to her.

The world of Stella Mai is full of love, respect, caring, sharing, positive energy, bohemian life and cozy atmosphere.

Aurore wants to sublimate womens style and support them in every moment of their lives.

Her goal is to develop her creations with more and more fine materials. She is currently completing her new winter fall collection 2018.